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"When I make great shots, I feel like I’m going to be the best golfer!"

— Hayden




... this game? My involvement with golf started because my older brother played in golf competitions and returned home a winner holding a trophy. All I ever wanted was the trophy! To get one, I had to learn how to play the game. Golf is a sport I excel at although I also enjoy playing football with a Premier League Football Academy. I train with one of the leading UK Junior Golf Academies, with over 150 juniors, which has nurtured and developed players to County and England level. 




  • Age 5, I reached 9 hole knockout final against players twice my age.

  • Age 7, my golfing differentiators, driver 205 yards, 6 iron 125 yards, pitch 80-85 yards, will to win, resilience, solid putter, recovery shots and reasonable and improving shortgame.

  • Awarded the most improved Junior golfer at my home club with handicap progression from 40 to 26 in 2017.

  • Selected out of c60 applicants for Worcestershire U14s county squad, exceptionally at age 7!

  • Worcestershire County Boys ‘Outstanding Achievement of the Year Award’ 2018

  • Birmingham Post Finalist Junior Sportsperson of the Year Award 2018


2019 achievements

  • British Championship U9s Winner 2019 

  • IMG Junior Golfer - IMG Academy Junior World Championship Finals, San Diego, USA July 2018/19

  • IAPS National Golf Championship U10s‘Winner’

  • Top 10 European Championship 2019

  • American Golf Junior Champion - National Finals (PING) UK & Ireland U8s Winner 2018.

  • IAPS Stowe Putter ‘Jigger Trophy’ Winner - U11s , August 2018/2019.

  • Top 3 - Wee Wonders Grand Finalist - St Andrews, Scotland, August 2018.



What will be your season's highlight?


Mine is definitely the 2019 IMG Academy Junior Championship in the US. We are preparing to make the journey of a lifetime! 

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The thrill of winning and competing in tournaments..


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